Nine Reasons to Choose Payne Henderson

Payne Henderson Associates are in the business of recruitment and assessment of managers and professional staff at all levels - we specialise in finding people who are crucial to the success of the organisation.

Our clients choose Payne Henderson because:

1    We are deliberately small and proud of it

*  We can deliver amazingly responsive service because of our resources, and because we have none of the bureaucratic complications that burden the consulting conglomerates.

2    There are no more experienced operating consultants in the industry

*  We know what we are doing. No-one has more experience and plain old know-how in the recruitment business.

3    At Payne Henderson you deal only with the principals

*  When it comes to something as crucial to your business success as finding the right executive, you don't want to be dealing with a junior or a salesy "front man" who disappears as soon as he's got your business.

*  All assignments are either directly handled or project managed by a principal of Payne Henderson Associates.

4    We give you all the recruiting options

*  At Payne Henderson we know that there is more to recruiting than just putting an ad in the paper and sending you "the best of the bunch." Using Payne Henderson can mean the difference between having a stab at a market and covering it fully - between success and failure.

5    You get unbiased advice you can count on

*  When you ask for advice, you need to feel that it is untainted by any considerations other than your own interests.

*  We don't pay commission - perhaps an odd point to make, but it means that you won't be pressured to hire someone just because it means money in the pocket for the recruiter.

6    When you use Payne Henderson you get a very strong advocate.

*  By forming an alliance we can be your eyes and ears, and represent your interests in a market where there is a limited supply of effective executives.

*  This extends to the considerable care we take in our dealings with candidates, including responding promptly and courteously to all written and verbal enquiries to advertisements. This approach enhances our standing in the applicant marketplace and helps preserve the reputation of our clients.

7    Our guarantee

*  You will end up with the person you want, and we can guarantee it well beyond the industry standard.

8    We use recruitment as a competitive strategy for your benefit

*  At times you may just want a gap filled. But when you work with Payne Henderson you also get a business adviser.

*  We understand and respect how important finding the right people is to the success of your business.

*  We know that there is no more important management function than recruitment and we can show you how to use recruitment as a potent competitive strategy.

9    Assessment

*  We are highly skilled in recruitment but also, most importantly, in assessment techniques.

*  Finding someone who can do a job is not always hard, and is well within the capabilities of many personnel agencies and consultancies.

*  But there are other crucial assessment elements where most recruiters let their clients down. They do not really get down to the issue of whether or not a person will be effective in your job in your company. And they overlook the crucial factors which are vital to the success of anyone in a management or potential management position.