The Company

Payne Henderson Associate's operating objectives, vision, values and code of ethics are embodied in the following:

Our Commitment

In its markets, Payne Henderson will be the consultancy of choice for companies seeking executive recruitment and appraisal services. We will give our customers a competitive advantage by providing them with the best executive talent available in the marketplace. We will achieve this by remaining small in numbers of consulting staff and providing an intensely personalised service backed by the latest in appropriate technology systems.

Our Aim

It is the policy of the board of directors and management that the company shall:
  • expand and obtain an influential share of the Australasia executive recruitment market
  • operate as an integrated executive recruitment and appraisal company, competing profitably in selected niche activities and broad national markets
  • expand through organic growth and evolution of existing services and diversify into other human resources services only if there is synergy with executive recruitment and appraisal


In all its activities and business dealings Payne Henderson Associates, its employees and representatives will
  • operate at the highest ethical standards in its dealing with clients, suppliers, employment candidates and third parties
  • ensure there are no conflicts of interest in dealings with clients, and not take improper advantage of access to information or knowledge gained in the general course of business
  • not act for a competitor of a client with which the consultancy has a preferred supplier arrangement
  • maintain total confidentiality over all documentation and information provided by a client
  • only deal with clients and suppliers of good reputation
  • provide a rewarding, safe and healthy work environment for employees
  • always act in the best interest of clients - this means acting professionally, honestly, ethically and within the law
  • in relation to its executive search activities, Payne Henderson will not approach the staff of its clients
  • share the company's growth and stability with its strategic business partners

Date established: 25 May 1989